Mr. Faisal Naru is Senior Economic Advisor in the OECD, working on regulatory policy and governance internationally with Governments and leads on a variety of work including on behavioural economics, digital government and ICT, institutional change, regulatory impact assessments and ex-post evaluation. He is also the lead for the OECD Network of Economic Regulators which works with CEOs and Commissioners of regulatory agencies to define a “world class regulator”. Mr. Naru also heads up the regulatory policy work in Southeast Asia, MENA and Africa and advises on work in Latin America and is responsible for a number of OECD publications and guidelines.
    Mr. Naru is a former member of the UK Cabinet Office and also worked in other Government Departments for several years. Before joining the OECD, Mr. Faisal Naru was the Chief Regulatory Advisor with the Government of Viet Nam on economic and regulatory reforms. Prior to Viet Nam, he set up and was Head of the Policy and Regulatory Reform Practice as well as on the Leadership Board for a global development consultancy working in Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe to improve government structures and economic performance. He graduated with MA from Oxford in Mathematics.