Sanjay Mitra, the Secretary of the federal Ministry of Road Transport and Highways in India, is a career civil servant.  He has held positions in the provincial, local and federal governments over the past three decades.  Prior to his present assignment, he was the Chief Secretary – the head of the civil service, in the West Bengal province. During 2004-2011, he was a senior staffer in the office of Prime Minister where he handled several important matters like internal security, energy and agriculture.
  He has substantial experience in the power and infrastructure sectors, having headed the state power utility and implemented a major township development project on the outskirts of Kolkata.
  As Chief Secretary, MItra chaired the state apex committee on road safety and was able to frame a working plan for remedial road safety measures.  He is currently responsible for India’s $18 billion highways development programme and the preparation and monitoring of the country’s road safety initiatives.  He is also responsible for the administration of the regulatory frameworks for road transport, auto emission norms, vehicle safety regulations, public sector transport organizations and the development of international road interconnectivity. 
  Mitra has degrees from the University of Delhi and the JF Kennedy School where he was a Mason Fellow in 1995-96.